Bunny Blonde upgrade to full face Milaluv

What up y’all!
It's ya boy Skinny B, here to serve and erect. Welcome to the Juicy Empire Show! Today we have the Bunny Blonde upgrade for your viewing pleasure.
Ready, set, FAP.

Who the fuck is Bunny Blonde?

It is a question that has stumped even the greatest philosophers from the beginning of time. The reason is that all of Bunny Blonde’s videos keep her face hidden, as you can tell in this previous post. For the sake of humanity, she recently got up her courage and told her dick-provider/ cameraman “It’s time to reveal who I am.” We are all grateful for this because I like seeing the face of the woman I am fapping to. And so… from the shadows of the abyss emerged a white girl whom we can now call MILALUV.

Juicy Halloween Tits

I find this video very appropriate seeing as it is Halloween season. Coming off the last post featuring Hidori Rose, I thought: “Why don’t we keep with the colored hair bitches to get us in the festive mood?” Here Milaluv rocks the black purple wig. I sort of imagine fucking Morticia Addams as I hit the middle of the clip. Cosplay works, fam. Wouldn’t you say so?

Content of the Scene

We start off with some blowjob action while she stares into the camera. Now this stare is cool, as I can utilize my POV sense to replace his cock with mine.  When it comes to the fucking part though, I much prefer her looking at her man instead of the camera. Isn’t it weird to see her fucking him but staring at us? It’s like “YO! Don’t mind us! Just do ya thing!” To better illustrate, just imagine your girl looking the other way when you are trying to rock her world. Not cool, Milaluv. We are all trying to live vicariously through homeboy! Other than this, the performance is decent and her saggy yet juicy tits will hold you down until you climax. Enjoy the Bunny Blonde upgrade <3

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