College Student Nerdy Dirty fails a midterm

It IS Monday morning!
That means it’s time for the Juicy Empire show! I am your host VJ Skinny B. Today we have college student nerdy dirty for your wanking pleasure.
Let’s get it!

ANOTHER ONE (DJ Khaled Voice)

Everyone’s riding the step-sis bandwagon, just like I mentioned in the previous post! I’m really looking forward to another VJ or adult talk show host talk about why this genre is so popular. Is it the taboo/forbidden subject that makes it so appealing? We will see how far this theme takes all who dabble in it. Genre of the Year 2019!

Miss Dirty’s 2nd notch on our blog

I really like this young woman. She has curves galore which curate to the visitors who like a little extra meat on their plate. Clips like these are what make this blog a haven for all who appreciate a healthy plump girl. Miss Nerdy Dirty’s body is to die for. It is the type to make you want to cum inside and not pullout until the next morning, at which point the morning slam session will begin. These are Juicy TRAP tits… you will be hooked on them like crack. Check out her previous vid HERE

Content of the Scene

Obviously these two are not step-siblings, but like all other big PH players, they follow the current trend. In this one, Miss Dirty’s academics are in poor form, and a notice of a failed midterm arrives at the house. Step-bro intercepts the telegram and interrupts her Red Dead Redemption session. A few words are exchanged before step-bro successfully blackmails her into sexual relations, lest he deliver the bad news to mom and dad. Nerdy Dirty worriedly agrees, only to find herself enjoying the sex just as much as step-bro. The angles are on point in this clip as they capture all the juicy jiggling this voluptuous blonde has to offer. You’re going to like they way you cum, my Juicers. I GUARANTEE IT. Enjoy college student nerdy dirty!

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