Cute braceface Annabel Redd takes a facial

What up, muthafuckas!
Welcome back to the Juicy Empire Show on this November afternoon.
Ya boy Skinny B is ready to go, so I hope you are too! Today we have sexy braceface Annabel Redd for your viewing pleasure.
Monday’s don’t suck!

Who is she?

This busty redhead goes by the name of Annabel Redd. Props to my boy Alex Adams for scouting the baddest bitches who are on the come-up looking for clout! Annabel is a sweet girl and she looks horny as fuck the second she walks through door. The title says “braceface,” but I promise I mean it in cutesy nickname type of way. Big tits and braces are a recipe for nationwide erections, perverts and gentlemen. Annabel Redd knows that and she is ready to rock that look for the masses. For my Juicers on Twitter, her handle is @AnnabelRedd

Alex Adams with yet ANOTHER HIT

I think the reason my dude’s content is top notch is because he offers viewers down to earth chicks in multiple positions from a POV angle. He’s giving average Joe’s the chance to live vicariously through him. I personally appreciate this type of content more than overly-staged concepts where the girl is visibly not enjoying herself following the lead of a tasteless director. All of Alex’s girls are super excited about the scene and they all kill their performances.

Content of the Scene

Alex is in his bedroom just chillin as always. He’s trying to read “Julius Caesar” when all of a sudden his “son’s girlfriend” walks in looking fine as hell. Julius Caesar loses all credibility as Annabel’s voluptuous frame steals my boy’s attention. I have to say I respect the fact that they do the whole intro (and most of the clip for that matter) in a single take. Shit reminds me of Birdman (the film, not the rapper). One thing leads to another and Annabel starts grabbing his cock. Her boyfriend is at the gym, so why not have a workout session of her own? Annabel and Alex deliver us 2 counts of missionary, some doggy, a little bit of cowgirl, and a juicy cumshot to bring it all home. This is quality shit, fam. Enjoy sexy braceface Annabel Redd baby, WOOOOOOOO

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