Sleepyhead Thicci Velvet fucks with 4 senses only

Oi! TGIF, my Juicers!
You are now locked into The Juicy Empire Show with your host VJ Skinny B! Today we are fucking with the voluptuous sleepyhead Thicci Velvet. Squeeze on that lube and let’s get it cracking!

Thicci Velvet is back

You thought she wasn’t going to come back, didn’t you! In case you missed her first appearance on the show, you can check it out HERE. Thicci Velvet has some thiccy curves. The only part that sucks is that she doesn’t like to reveal her face. God forbid she gets discovered by her community. In my opinion it would be liberating to unmask yourself since you would not have to hide anymore, but hey, only Thicci knows what she is doing. As long as she keeps cranking out content for us, we support her.

A more laid back fuck

You know I am all about enthusiasm, but I don’t mind a laid back sensual fuck once in a while. Most of Thicci’s videos are like this, as it seems to be her preferred method. You best believe she is getting off though. Even when she’s riding cock slowly, you can see that the dude’s head is covered in feminine pre-cum when she hops off the cowgirl. Thicci is getting hers regardless of what anyone thinks.

Content of the Scene

Thicci has sensitivity to sunrays, so she wears a mask to keep her asleep. Upon rising to her alarm, she knows its dick time. But why take the mask off? Did you know that once you block off one of your senses, the other 4 become stronger? Thicci is on to something here. Maybe that is why she doesn’t need to ride him like a bull, because her sense of touch can bring her maximum pleasure. Thicci then rides reverse cowgirl with that fat ass of hers before finally deciding it’s time to make homeboy cum with a titjob. He busts in between her flesh pillows, and within the first hour of the morning, Thicci is ready to call it a day. Wave and kiss goodbye. Enjoy sleepyhead Thicci Velvet!

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