Tall and Thick Samantha takes a BBC

What up, my juicers!
We outchea again in this online jungle! I AM your boy Skinny B, and welcome to the Juicy Empire show.
Today we have tall and thick Samantha for your viewing pleasure.

How I choose these vids

As I scan the world of tube porn, I can’t say I have anything specific that I’m looking for other than huge tits. When it’s time to choose one to present here on the blog, I kinda just go with my sixth sense (located midway between my cock and my balls) to let me know what is worthy of your attention. Little things can turn me off, such as: shit video quality, overly staged performances, no climax… just to name a few. It is safe to say this clip has NONE of the aforementioned. As I constantly express here AND on Juicy Asian Tits, this is one of those clips YOU JUST KNOW is going to be fire within the first 5 seconds.

Tall and Thick

Perverts and Gentlemen, coming to us all the way from Thomasville, Georgia, please welcome tall and thick Samantha! She is not of African descent, but she brings that Southern thickness with her to the studios of Hollywood. And to make an even bigger impact, Samantha is 6 feet tall. I don’t know about you, bruh, but tall, busty, and thick is my poison. I don’t give a fuck if she is taller than me! YOLO

Content of the scene

This one is a stretch(1 hour), but it makes no difference to me, fam. You already know I’m sitting down and watching it from start to finish for the sake of the review. The scene kicks off with our homeboy (known as Chris) who tells us he has a surprise coming up the elevator. Samantha walks in and she is covered up.  WE HAVE NOT THE SLIGHTEST CLUE of the assets she is hiding under there. The “casting” proceeds and once the clothes come off, the feeling is like finding a buried treasure. Samantha is a natural at fucking on camera and I’d say Chris GOT HIS while adding a superstar to the model roster. Good work, Chris! Keep on rockin in the free world and doot doola doot doo… (DOOT DOO) <3

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